Coasters in the works

Not finished yet but the doodle part is done.  Just need to put several coats of Mod Podge on them and cork on the back. 

Each coaster has an original hand drawn doodle.  No two the same.  They are a fun little project and if I boo boo  I can wipe it off and start again before I put the clear coat on. 

I will be posting these to Etsy as soon as they are finished, at least a couple of them.  I think I will sell them individually rather then as a set. 

Well off to the grandsons last football game.  They are playing under the lights for their final game.  The sun is shinning but it is chilly out.  I think I will bundle up.

See ya soon, thanks for visiting.




  1. Cyndee, these are really cool and totally brilliant! I have had some coasters made up from digital photos of my zentangles (you can see them in my Blog Shop on my blog) but they were rather expensive to get done. Can I ask you how you made yours - are they tiles? And is the mod podge heatproof?

    Thanks for your visit to my blog - really glad you like my tyger and think I've captured his tygerness sufficiently lol!



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