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Outdoor Market Season Has Begun

This coming Saturday I will be doing my first of the summer season outdoor market.  This one is local, out in the rural community of Hockinson, just outside Vancouver.  I picked a day that coincides with their annual Hockinson Fun Days, so I'm hoping for a good crowd and no rain.  Here is one of my new pieces, framed and ready to sell.  I'm trying some different frames,  I've always leaned towards the black  but thought I'd try the red for a change,  I think I like it.  My new batch of temporary tattoos arrived, so I will have them for sale.  I chose some small designs this time, it's always good to have some inexpensive items for sale.   Well, lots to do this week and only four days to get ready.  Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  We had the nastiest downpour yesterday afternoon, during our birthday celebration for my son in laws 50th.   But we live in the northwest and rain is what it does here,  we've have learned not to let it stop us. 

A Little Doodling Fun

My first pair of TOMS .  Stuffed with plastic bags and ready for the pen.  Progress.  I chose these because of the light color, I don't like white, and I liked the little extra detail of the stitching across the toes.  Finished.  Fun project, I've been wanting to try for sometime after seeing David  Cohen over at Equation Arts doodle a pair of Vans.   I realize that a pair of TOMS was a bit expensive to experiment on but you are buying so much more then just a pair of shoes for yourself when you buy TOMS.    Check out their website.  I can't decide whether to sell these or keep them.  My original plan was to doodle me a pair to wear at my sales this summer.   I'm on track to be a walking doodle.  Someone said I will be a walking advertisement when I walk away from my booth.  Hope this will spark a little flame to try a pair yourself.  Thanks for visiting. Hugs Cyndee PS  would love comments,  not sure if anybody is reading my newest blog. 


Wow, summer is filling up fast.  Just added 2 more shows to my summer schedule and now looking into fall events. I just finished my first show with Made In Vancouver USA group I joined.  The first for our new group and a great learning experience.  I can't complain were not great, I learned what I need to make more of.  I sold doodle rocks.  They were just an experiment but a perfect low price item.  The first one went to a child.  I can see I need to make more of these.  Also sold a couple of pendants and some tattoos.  My newest items.   This was my first sale using my new accent color, lime green, I got several compliments and it really made the table pop.  It's amazing though, you think you made so much stuff till you actually lay it out on your table and realize you don't have enough.  So it's back to the studio this weekend.  Good thing I have a couple weeks to catch up before my next sale. Oh and guess what?  I finally gave my notice at work.  I am officiall