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Beach Escape

If someone tries to tell you that a bad day at the beach beats a bad day at home don't believe them.  I got rained on, hailed on and blown.  My poor pup didn't like the hail storm we got caught in while walking on the beach. The first two days were beautiful, didn't even need a jacket the second day.  I did know the prospect of good weather wasn't going to last so spent most of the first couple of days walking outdoors. All and all it still refreshes the mind to get away to where none of the things at home can weigh on your mind.  We walk when we could, whenever the clouds would break and even in the rain.  One day in desperation to get out for a walk we bundled up, rain coats for both of us and went out for a short walk.  But you know once you're wet what the heck, keep going.  That was the day we took the logging trail up above Rockaway Beach.  Even in the rain the view was beautiful and lots of good smells for Fritz. Dogs, I don't understand how they ca