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Just a little addition to my postcards before they go out in the mail. Got my mailing list today, sending to the UK, Germany, Canada and the good ole USA. Can't wait see where mine come from. Now the waiting and watching the mail box. Hope you are having a great week. We are off for few days in Sunriver, love it over here. Great walking trails, scenery, shopping in Bend and relaxation in the out door spa. Aaaahhhh......... Thanks for visiting. Hugs Cyndee

iHanna's post card swap

It's that time of year that Hanna ( host her spring post card swap. I've finished my ten and now just waiting for my mailing list. It is always fun creating the cards but the most fun is when new ones start arriving in the mail. I'll show you the cards I receive as soon as the start arriving. Thanks for visiting. Hugs Cyndee

More Tiles

A few more glass tiles in the works.  These are ready for beads, I put the bails on last night so now to decide on ribbon, cord or leather.  I really like combining cord with the ribbon.  I'm trying something different with each one.  Although I am still doodling directly on the back of the tile. Since I've been doing these I keep stopping at the craft store for stuff.  Found a bead shop on my why home from work so had to stop.   Found some different clasp then the toggle I was using, also some different crimps.  Oh, and of course more beads.   I am getting a little bit more organized,  I now have a container for all the little bits and pieces.  Instead of spread all over the work space.  I'm afraid this is just the start of something.  I can see that buying beads can be additive.  Although the shops I've been to don't have a very large selection of the beads with the larger holes that will take the cord and ribbon. I'm really enjoying making these. H