More Tiles

A few more glass tiles in the works.  These are ready for beads, I put the bails on last night so now to decide on ribbon, cord or leather.  I really like combining cord with the ribbon.  I'm trying something different with each one.  Although I am still doodling directly on the back of the tile.
Since I've been doing these I keep stopping at the craft store for stuff.  Found a bead shop on my why home from work so had to stop.   Found some different clasp then the toggle I was using, also some different crimps.  Oh, and of course more beads.  

I am getting a little bit more organized,  I now have a container for all the little bits and pieces.  Instead of spread all over the work space.  I'm afraid this is just the start of something.  I can see that buying beads can be additive.  Although the shops I've been to don't have a very large selection of the beads with the larger holes that will take the cord and ribbon.

I'm really enjoying making these.

Hope you have a great weekend.  Thanks for visiting, let me know you were here, love the comments.




  1. Love what you're doing with these glass tiles, Cyndee. Beautiful!


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