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Artist Studio aka Sewing Room

An artist studio is so much more then just a creative work space.  Mine started out as a sewing room because that is what I did for many years, still do a little.  Now days it's a studio, but I share it with all the things that make it a comfortable, creative environment.  I have my iPod player so I can listen to the music I like that helps inspire me and clear my mind. I have my drafting table facing the light with a view of my front yard and neighborhood.  There's my "sewing table"  which sometimes has a sewing machine in use but not today.  On the walls are memories, pictures of my travels,  art made by my girls when they were little.  You know the famous hand print they all bring home, this one actually has extra fingers.  The shelves are lined with my teddy bears,  all shapes and sizes, mixed in with photos of my girls and grandkids.  Lots of memories in every direction I look.  There's my childhood bear, with eyes missing and repaired paws, the Vermont


Still receiving postcards in the mail from iHanna's swap this fall.  Love getting the real mail and not just advertisements.   So far I've received 8 cards,  from Oregon, Washington (close to home), California, British Columbia, Arkansas and Virginia.   Since I don't have the last two I bet they are coming form some place overseas.  Here's a look at the different designs I've received so far.  Thank you everyone that sent me a card, some email addresses were not real clear so haven't been able to get that personal thank you out.  Fall is definitely here,  cold, windy and rainy here today.  A good soup day.  Stay warm where ever you are. Thanks for visiting. Hugs Cyndee