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Well the rains have returned.  Yesterday was foggy in the morning and beautiful the rest of the day.  Today actually started out ok but by afternoon it started raining.  Really can't complain, we've had a long warm summer.  Here it is the end of September already.  After all this is what the Pacific Northwest is known for.  I spent a fun day yesterday with my daughters, celebrating two of our birthdays.  We wondered the Pearl District in Portland, shopped a little, ate and drank a little, laughed a little and had a great time together.  One more birthday to go,  I think we might go for a hike.   If you get a chance check out my shop on Zazzle .  I just added some new items today with a pair of doodled ballet shoes.   Finished a little recycled jewel box this week and another three doodled, recycled candlestick birdhouses.   I've added both items to my She Who Doodles Etsy shop. Working on another jewel box then onto a chair I picked up cheap at a thrift store. 

Into Fall

I can feel the change of season finally.  We've had a longer then usual very warm summer.   Mind you, I'm not complaining but I'm ready for the cooler days of Autumn.  It's been a busy summer, several outdoor fairs although I had to miss that last one in August due to a case of shingles.  Yuk!  That took care of most of August and into September.  If you haven't had the vaccine I recommend getting it.  My honey had never had chicken poxes so he ran out and got the shot.  I hadn't bothered with the vaccine, one: because I just don't like the idea of all the side effects and two: I only knew one person that had ever had shingles.  Wrong, as soon as I knew what I had friends and family said "oh yeah I had them"  another acquaintance said she's had them twice.  I was lucky, I don't think I had them as bad as some but it took almost 4 weeks to start getting back on my feet.  Then tragedy struck our family my sister and best friend died.  It&