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Can't contain myself

I am so excited, I'm published.  Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine has printed an article with some of my drawings in the new issue for Sept/Oct 2013.  I got my copy in the mail yesterday, it's a full 2 page spread, page 94, I even got paid for it.  So exciting.  Here's a peek. The article shows two really good shots of my doodles.  As soon as the original artwork is returned to me I will have prints available on Etsy. Everything I read says to just keep submitting your work, don't wait for answers.  This has been a year in the works.  Although they did drop me a note that my work had been accepted within about 2 months but indefinite as to which issue. Today is my last day at my day job, what an exciting way to start my retirement. Thanks for visiting. Hugs Cyndee

For the Birds

The start of a new project. To be doodled.  Such fun I'm having.                                 I'll be back soon with today's progress. Thanks for visiting. Hugs Cyndee

99 Cent Upcycled Frames

A little up-cycled project just finished.  Can't beat the price on these two frames from the thrift store.  I covered them in paper, added some netting, a little paint and finished with some doodling.  Oh, and had to add a little glitter to the black and white frame.  Both will be for sale tomorrow at Art in the Park, Longview, Washington .  The tents will be set up around Lake Sacajawea.  If you are in the area drop by for a chat. Here's a little pix of the frames before and after.   Hoping for good weather tomorrow,  since I registered early I got a shady spot.  So rain or shine I should be in a good place.  Although this is the Northwest,  we repel rain like a duck and are born with webfeet.  A little rain doesn't stop us.  Have a great weekend.  Thanks for visiting. Hugs Cyndee  

Doodled Converse

My second pair of Converse high tops.  These were a lot smaller then the first pair and because they were for my daughter I could use a little glitter.  Every girl needs a little glitter.   A fun project.  Now on to the next thing to doodle.   I'm working on a couple of picture frames I picked up at the thrift store, a little collage then some doodling.                                                                                                   I'm almost done with my day job, and I can't believe the ideas that are popping up since I don't have the work and commute stress.  I've got three projects in the works and others in the planning.  It is so great knowing I don't have to do it all today I have tomorrow and the next day.  I still have to pinch myself.  This is going to take some adjustment. Thanks for visiting. Hugs, Cyndee