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Where am I going?

I'm here and there and all over the place but no direction.   I've never been good at goal setting and now retired I  feel all I'm doing is wandering.  I'm the kid in the candy store I want to do it all but don't want to do anything.  Yuk.. I sent apps off today for three more juried shows coming up this spring and summer.  But although I do enjoy doing them my sales haven't been that good and I'm still struggling to figure what to try next that will be that one item that will really catch on and sell.   I need the supplemental income.  Mostly for the future.  Because I divorced late in life I didn't have much of a nest egg of my own.  Sorry to unload, hopefully no one will read this post.  I just needed to vent instead of letting it roll around in my head.  Every post needs a photo.  Here's Fritz from yesterday when I tried to give him a bath.  We found him hiding under the bed.   I think I'll take Fritz for a walk. Hugs Cyndee


Burrr....................chilly and windy here.  The forecasters say we are going to get snow by the weekend.  We've only had a little dusting so far this winter.   Can't complain after seeing what is happening in the rest of the country.  It has been a strangely mild winter so far,  and way below average rain, and snow fall in the mountains.  I've been busy, finished the chair.  I'll post as picture as soon as my honey finishes the final coat of polyurethane.   The last two Tuesdays I've been trying something new during the off season for sales.  I've had an open studio hoping to bring in a little business.  Didn't go so good.  Don't think I will continue.  The only sales I made were items I had posted on FB to advertise the sale.   You don't know until you try. I've been posting alot more on Etsy.  Recycled picture frames and boxes.  Here's a couple I just finished yesterday.   This one sold already.  Yeah! I used some handmade