Burrr....................chilly and windy here.  The forecasters say we are going to get snow by the weekend.  We've only had a little dusting so far this winter.   Can't complain after seeing what is happening in the rest of the country. 

It has been a strangely mild winter so far,  and way below average rain, and snow fall in the mountains. 

I've been busy, finished the chair.  I'll post as picture as soon as my honey finishes the final coat of polyurethane.  

The last two Tuesdays I've been trying something new during the off season for sales.  I've had an open studio hoping to bring in a little business.  Didn't go so good.  Don't think I will continue.  The only sales I made were items I had posted on FB to advertise the sale.   You don't know until you try.

I've been posting alot more on Etsy.  Recycled picture frames and boxes.  Here's a couple I just finished yesterday.
This one sold already.  Yeah!

I used some handmade papers I found at an online store, Mulberry Papers and More.  I ordered several papers and loved them all.  This is layers of several different papers then embellished with the gold leaves.  The frame was a thrift store find. 

I've been using old family pictures in my frames lately, this is my mother at 6 years old.  

This frame was in really good shape although it is also a thrift store purchase.  All I thought it needed was some doodles. 

This is also a photo of my mother, her high school graduation photo.  Love the hair.

This little jewel box, another thrift store find is covered with layers of paper then doodled.  A few vintage buttons added on the top.   This one is already in my Etsy Shop.
I'm hoping to get into a couple of shows this coming season that are recycled art.  They seem to be growing and there is so much  stuff that people don't want that can be re-made into something useful and beautiful.

These little birdhouses with doodles are inexpensive craft store finds mounted on top of refinished candle sticks from the thrift store.   The tallest is 11 inches.  I also used old sheet music for a roof and saved popsicle sticks for another.  I live with a fudgesicle eater so lots of popsicle sticks available. 

As you can see I have been busy creating.  I'm finding that I enjoy shopping the thrift stores.  It's amazing what you can find.  At this point I'm looking for anything I think I can doodle on.  Although some take on a life of their own without doodles.  That's ok, I do love layering paper.  It's that child in me that likes to cut and paste.

Need to get moving, I hear the next frame calling and new color of paper to experiment with. 

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