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Folt Bolt

Was so greatful to be the featured artist on Folt Bolt June 18th.  It is always exciting to be recognized for your talent. If you haven't seen their blog post you can see it here:!Cyndee-Starr/cy7d/557f6f7e0cf201107e2bf4bc    One week left before the Vancouver Recycled Arts Fair and keeping busy finishing up some pieces.  I'm trying to include as much of my doodles as possible, which isn't really very hard since I doodle on almost everything these days.  One of my projects has been to coordinate a recycled picture frame with one of my doodles for framing. Another project, not yet complete is a small bench a friend gave me.  It's been great to have friends on the look out for items I might be able to use.  This bench came from my friend Michelle Lund of Buttons and Shanks . She also found me a coffee table and small round end table recently.    If you are in the Northwest and can come by I'd love to see you.  The art fair wi