Holiday Bazaar Season and New Work

It's that time of year again for the bazaars.  I have another week yet before my first of the season. But had the whole month of October off so been trying to get ahead with art.   I did get to spend about a week and half at the beach which was wonderful.  Came home ready to dive in.  Even finished some new work. 

Here's a sample of some of my new doodles.  I will have them ready for the bazaars, on note cards, prints, framed and some new thrift store finds with prints. 

Be sure and check my Events Page for a schedule of where to find me November and December. 

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Happy Holidays


Art Fair Season

It's June and the summer art fair season is getting started.  Lot's of new work and some new products with my art.

Be sure and check my summer schedule on the "Event Page".  Also my latest custom work.

Hope to see you this summer at one of the art fairs.  If you can't make it and you are interested in my work please message me. 

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Cyndee Starr

Rain/Snow/Rain and more snow

So it's been indoor weather long enough now.  On my last walk I saw a few things trying to bloom. 

After finishing my closet door flower doodles I continued the idea on to some canvas.  I've got one more primed and just waiting for that touch of color. 

I've been experimenting with layers of paint on the canvas a little different then I've done before and I really like the outcome.  It's a layer of splashes of color with a white wash over the entire canvas then lifting paint with a sheet of wax paper.  Wish I could figure how to do a whole wall like this. 

Here's a pic of the canvas before the flowers were added.

Fun project, this is the only time of year I get to play, soon the art fair season will get started and no time. 

Go do something creative.



It's March Already

I finally got some motivation.  One day looking at the coat closet at the end of the hall by the living room, I decided it looked like a blank canvas and need some color.  So I started with a white primer coat, then some random dabs of colors.  Then it was time for some doodling.  Not my usual but something I'd seen on Pinterest.

With my comfortable pen in hand I started, what fun.  I spent 4 days working on the doors then felt it need to be let loose, and continued onto the wall.  

When I thought I was done, it just didn't feel right.  So I looked at it for a couple of days, up close and from across the room and decided it was the wall doodles that was just to much so I painted over it.  Now it feels right and I can call it finished.    
It was a fun project, very intuitive.  And helped past the windy days that were not pleasant for walking outside.  
Spring is coming, I see the some daffodils, crocus and hyacinths popping up.  
Stay warm.  
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Recent Commission work

A slow time of year, and a lack of motivation gives me some time to update my blog.   I thought I'd start with some of my recent commissioned pieces.   A little of everything.  Family pets, favorite hiking location, new home, personal photos and some inspiration.  

And some new work, this time of year is good for stocking up while I have time.  Doing the things that take more time, like the recycled candlestick birdhouses, and the collage frames.  Also trying a new way to present my work, and always a new freehand drawn doodle.

 The last few weeks have brought freezing temperatures, snow, lots of rain and some flooding in the area.  I'm done with winter now, ready for those spring blooms.  I need out. 

If you are interested in my newest work I always post on She Who Doodles on Facebook.  I'll be updating my event page shortly.  Check back often, this time of year I'm just lining up my event dates, still more to come.

Time for Fritz and I to have a walk since it's…

Sept 2018 Update

My work starts with the walk thru the gardens, mine, my neighborhood and local trails and parks.  Lately I've had time to walk Fort Vancouver Historic Reserve and their Heritage Garden.  Lots of great photos to work with.

And ends up in a doodled photograph.  These are my most recent work.  

Check my Coming Events page for info where to see my work.  
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Beach Escape

If someone tries to tell you that a bad day at the beach beats a bad day at home don't believe them.  I got rained on, hailed on and blown.  My poor pup didn't like the hail storm we got caught in while walking on the beach.

The first two days were beautiful, didn't even need a jacket the second day.  I did know the prospect of good weather wasn't going to last so spent most of the first couple of days walking outdoors.

All and all it still refreshes the mind to get away to where none of the things at home can weigh on your mind.  We walk when we could, whenever the clouds would break and even in the rain.  One day in desperation to get out for a walk we bundled up, rain coats for both of us and went out for a short walk.  But you know once you're wet what the heck, keep going.  That was the day we took the logging trail up above Rockaway Beach.  Even in the rain the view was beautiful and lots of good smells for Fritz.

Dogs, I don't understand how they can pee …