Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My Grandsons Question

My Grandson ask me recently what I do all day.  Now that I'm retired and not working, I feel I don't have to do anything if I choose.   But I realize my family worries about me.  Use it or loose it theory.

I just want to do my art, create new things, recycle old. Take nature hikes with my pup, take photos, peruse thrift stores for treasures to doodle.  Enjoy nature, she has so much to share, smells, sounds,  colors its overwhelming at times and I am fortunate to live in the beautiful Northwest where greens are greenest.  We have the ocean a couple hours away,  and snow capped mountains in the other direction.  

My daughters live in the area,  and my grandsons are only a couple of miles down the road.  So I get to see as many of their sporting events I can get to.  Football season is especially fun, all three boys play, with my oldest off to college in the fall to play football at EWU

I get to tag along with my oldest daughter on vacations and ski trips, although I don't ski, I get to play snow bunny, hanging around the lodge, doodling a little, meeting people and sipping hot toddys.   My youngest daughter is a runner,  a year doesn't go by that we don't get to cheer her on at a marathon somewhere.  Although this year with 3 boys in 3 different spring sports and one getting ready for college and high school graduation, I think she's running her own personal marathon just keeping up at home and with a part time job.  

I have old friends and new friends from my art group here in Vancouver that I enjoy getting together with when time allows.  A neighbor I love chatting with, and of course the internet where I can keep up with friends and share my work and adventures.    And Mahjong,  I'm hooked on that game.  

So to answer my grandsons question,  my days are full, just in a different way then before.  I'm not pressured to commute to work 5 days a week to pay the bills then try to relax for 2 days and do it all over again.   Now it's my time, my pace.

Now,  it's time for me and the pup to go hike the lake. See ya later.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Planning and doodling

The winter doldrums seem to have subsided thanks to my friend Michelle of Buttons & Shanks and her husband Ralf of Display in Style.   They had arranged to display and sell their products in a shop on the Oregon coast and invited me to join them. 

This was all I needed to get fired up to move forward.  Not only did I set up with them this last weekend at Rockaway Bearch Oregon's Beach Crafter's Mall on Hwy 101, but I booked four summer shows and got busy working again.    I just needed the right motivation.    Here's a photo of our space in the shop.  I also talked to the shop owner about setting a small table and doodling on site some weekend soon.   

You will find my recycled candlestick birdhouses and picture frames.  Also cards, prints and my colorbooks.  We took the things we had on hand, as new things are made we will take them down to the shop.  I even took a couple of small framed original pieces. 

Michelle has a separate display of her Czech glass buttons and beads while Ralf's woodcrafted products and my work share this 8 ft wall and shelf. 

Please stop and take a look if you are traveling the Oregon coast. 

 Some work just finished and lots in progress.  Journals to order from the printer and more cards to create.  Lots to do.  Just the way I like it. 

It's that time of year to spring forward already,  March is here and Easter is just around the corner. 

The grandsons are done with basketball now on the baseball and track.  Soon one will be off to college to play football.  How fast life changes. 

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Ideas

How do you get your ideas?  Sometimes for me it's just sitting down and going thru all the stuff I've collected.  Like these recycled items I have setting around my work space. 
I pulled out the old weathered fence slat, then started playing around with the branches I had dried.   I recently picked up at a thrift store a bag of little birdhouses so I added one.  Moved the branches around, then set it aside for a few days, when I came back to it with the birdhouse which I had covered in paper, torn from a used brown paper bag.  I rearranged it a bit and decided it needed something more.  So I cut some leaves from paper scrapes and old book pages.  Slowly I can see it coming together.  Yesterday I thought of adding another birdhouse.  The birdhouse is going to get some doodles yet.  Still not sure if I'm ready to secure it all in place.  It helps to just let it sit a day or so and come back to it.  

It's kinda fun working with recycled items,  I do like using bits of nature.  I'm always bringing something home from walks, bark bits, leaves to dry, nuts, and pods.  I've even thought of putting together a collage of trash found along my walk just to make a statement.   

As you can see my trusty companion is always by my side. Fritzy follows me everywhere.  He is such a comfort.  I never realized till we got him just how much a pleasure a dog can bring.  There is something about touching and petting him that is so calming. 

So how do YOU get your ideas?  Would love to hear.

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

New year new adventures

Haven't done much with my doodling recently.  I think it's time to start some new directions, new products, different ideas. 

First off the firing line is a new T Shirt design,  you can see the first one here:

I will be adding 2 more designs in the next couple of days.   It takes 3 designs to have a storefront.     They will all be free spirited, wild child designs, with strong independent women in mind.   I have some Coco Chanel, Anais Nin and Erma Bombeck quotes to add to my doodle designs. 

Hopefully you will find one that empowers you, and makes you feel strong to wear the shirt.   Stand tall and show the world you know who you are and what you want.  Go girl!!

I chose the yellow to set off the design but you can choose other colors and other shirt styles. 

It's called Teespring,  I design the shirt, they print and mail.  I get a small percentage.  But this way I don't pay for the shirts or the printing or try to figure out what to do with the unsold shirts.  This is an effort to control my up front cost.  Which is something I haven't been good about.  If I ever hope to show a profit I need to be smarter.   I guess there is still hope for me. 

Thanks for sticking around the last few years while I find my niche. 

Happy New Year



Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hanging Art

Summer has finally ended, Fall is here.  Most of the leaves are down, but still haven't had frost on the pumpkin.

I decided not to do any holiday sales this year, finished my last sale early in October.  I just don't do that well this time of year with all the holiday sales and bazaars. 

So after loading everything back into the house and trying to find a place for some things I just hated to pack away I finally hung some of my original work.   I have a few older work on my walls but hadn't hung a lot of the newer work. 

I had a lot of my earlier mixed media work on my walls but none of my recycled art or original doodles.  A pretty diverse mix of work.  I do get bored doing the same thing all the time.  Always like trying something new. 

At least now everything isn't packed away in bins for Spring sales.  I really hate packing my framed originals around with me, so this is nice to find a place for them. 

Update from my last post about the grandsons football season.  My high school grandsons team won the district title so now on to state playoffs.  It's been an exciting year and still more games to go. 

I've been pretty bad about posting on my blog anymore but I do like to update once in a while although I'm not sure how many read it now.   For those of you who still follow my posting thanks for sticking around.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

And on a personal note.

It's football season again and the three grandsons are all playing.  Two in high school and the third in a local lead, he is in middle school this year. 

This last game on Friday was especially exciting, not only did their team win but both boys were on the field at the same time.  One on the line the other receiving.  A first for this proud family. 

My grandsons with their mom, my daughter.  Mom and dad were really excited to see them both on the field, and both made plays that got them recognized.   Dad is a defensive coach and the younger grandson is usually on the sidelines as ball boy.   The rest of us are in the bleachers cheering them on.       
Me, I'm still doodling.  Only one show left this year, you can see the info on my Events Page.   I've been a little discouraged, sales have not been good this year and I can't decide which way to go next.  Hauling all my art around to fairs and festivals is damaging to much of my stuff and this summer the heat here in the NW was hotter then usual.  Crowds were light, early and not buying.  

For the time being I've stopped shopping thrift stores,  until I figure out where my market is.  I am planning to set up a page of recycled items on Upcycle Post website.  It's a new selling site for all things recycled/upcycled.    I really enjoy the added activity of shopping thrift stores and flea markets for items to re-purpose so I'm hoping this takes off.    All my picture frames, candlestick birdhouses, jewel boxes and other items I find to paint, collage and doodle will be posted.  

Football keeps us busy now thru Thanksgiving and beyond if the Varsity team makes it to finals again this year.   With 3 games a week it fills the schedule fast.   But always time to doodle.  

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Crazy Summer

I finished the recycled coffee table just in time for the Recycled Arts Festival.   My first recycled show.  It's unbelievable what people are doing with recyclables these days.  Although I didn't sell the table I did get lots of interest.   Currently I have it posted on the local Craigslist,  it's just to hard to pack it around to art fairs. 
A custom ordered wood bracelet for a friend that wanted her logo, a Gryphon, doodled on it.   
And this has to be the hottest summer we have had in years, maybe ever.    Far to hot (100 degrees) for sitting in a tent on a paved street all day.   Every one was pretty exhausted after this last Saturday sale in Gresham, OR for their Annual Art Walk.  The crowd was heavy in the morning but by 2 pm it really died down.  This heat has not been good for sales this summer.   
One more tent sale this summer.  I think it's time I start searching out other methods of selling. I'm getting to old for this,  the easy up tents are not really easy up.   

Minion night at the movies tomorrow with my art group.  Looking forward to a night out with the girls.  

Some new doodles in the works,  some Italy and Scotland pictures from friends trips, and more beautiful blooming flowers.   

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