Thursday, September 27, 2018

Sept 2018 Update

My work starts with the walk thru the gardens, mine, my neighborhood and local trails and parks.  Lately I've had time to walk Fort Vancouver Historic Reserve and their Heritage Garden.  Lots of great photos to work with.

And ends up in a doodled photograph.  These are my most recent work.  

Check my Coming Events page for info where to see my work.  

Thanks for visiting.


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Beach Escape

If someone tries to tell you that a bad day at the beach beats a bad day at home don't believe them.  I got rained on, hailed on and blown.  My poor pup didn't like the hail storm we got caught in while walking on the beach. 

The first two days were beautiful, didn't even need a jacket the second day.  I did know the prospect of good weather wasn't going to last so spent most of the first couple of days walking outdoors. 

All and all it still refreshes the mind to get away to where none of the things at home can weigh on your mind.  We walk when we could, whenever the clouds would break and even in the rain.  One day in desperation to get out for a walk we bundled up, rain coats for both of us and went out for a short walk.  But you know once you're wet what the heck, keep going.  That was the day we took the logging trail up above Rockaway Beach.  Even in the rain the view was beautiful and lots of good smells for Fritz. 

Dogs, I don't understand how they can pee on everything even when there can't possibly have any pee left.  Fritz walks with his nose to the ground,  if he finds an interesting scent he pees on it. 

It was a productive week though, I took along some recycled birdhouses to work on and always doodle where ever I go. 

Here's some of the trails I followed....

Doodles,  they go everywhere with me.  Of course I had these printed out ahead of time so I could doodle them at the beach.  But I came home with more photos, I couldn't wait to print and doodle. 

Coming up soon, Mothers Day weekend I will be participating in the Washougal Studio Artist Tour.  I won't be in my studio but with a friend Shirley Bishop of  Studio 13 Glass.  You will see all my new work and some of the old.  It will be a great time to take Mom out for a drive and visit all the studios. 

I'm feeling so rejuvenated from my little escape, can't wait to get started on some of the new photos and furniture.  I found a great little bench to redo and doodle at a shop in Wheeler.  Lots to do and the sun is shining. 

Hugs, and thanks for visiting.


Thursday, March 22, 2018

In my studio this week.

Had several recycled projects sitting in a partly started and partly finished state. This week they got the finishing touches. 

Trying to get a better head start this year on the coming shows during the quieter time.  This time of year the shows don't take as much product but do bring in a few sales, but come summer the crowds are bigger and sometimes keeping up with product is hard especially on these more time consuming recycled items.

Be sure and check out my event page so you can see where I will be selling this year.  I'm doing more shows, spread out from early spring thru the holiday season.  This should keep me busy and out of trouble. 

Thanks for visiting.  If you have any questions about where to find any of my work don't hesitate to msg me at

Hugs for today,


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Artist Studio aka Sewing Room

An artist studio is so much more then just a creative work space.  Mine started out as a sewing room because that is what I did for many years, still do a little. 

Now days it's a studio, but I share it with all the things that make it a comfortable, creative environment.  I have my iPod player so I can listen to the music I like that helps inspire me and clear my mind.

I have my drafting table facing the light with a view of my front yard and neighborhood.  There's my "sewing table"  which sometimes has a sewing machine in use but not today.  On the walls are memories, pictures of my travels,  art made by my girls when they were little.  You know the famous hand print they all bring home, this one actually has extra fingers. 

The shelves are lined with my teddy bears,  all shapes and sizes, mixed in with photos of my girls and grandkids.  Lots of memories in every direction I look.  There's my childhood bear, with eyes missing and repaired paws, the Vermont teddy bear I bought while touring Vermont.  I can't begin to tell you where they all came from but each brings a smile when I look at them. 

And then there is just a lot of stuff,  you know that stuff that all of us artist pack home,  the old weathered fence pieces, the misfit picture frames,  paper, paint, old magazines to tear up,  all kinds of treasures that someday will be just the thing I need to finish a project. 

It's not a big room, more space would always be nice but sometimes a small space with everything close is just right.  

I know I'm rambling,  I just felt a little nostalgia after spending several hours working in my studio, looking at some of the pictures on the shelves today and singing along with a song on my iPod.  

Ok, onward, next project.  

Thanks for listening to me today.  Hope you are having a great day/creative day.



Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Still receiving postcards in the mail from iHanna's swap this fall.  Love getting the real mail and not just advertisements.   So far I've received 8 cards,  from Oregon, Washington (close to home), California, British Columbia, Arkansas and Virginia.   Since I don't have the last two I bet they are coming form some place overseas. 

Here's a look at the different designs I've received so far. 

Thank you everyone that sent me a card, some email addresses were not real clear so haven't been able to get that personal thank you out. 

Fall is definitely here,  cold, windy and rainy here today.  A good soup day. 

Stay warm where ever you are.

Thanks for visiting.



Thursday, October 19, 2017

ihanna postcard swap

I haven'd done a post card swap for several years.  ihanna offers a swap twice a year now and they are always fun.  Not only to create the postcards but mostly receiving them.  Watching the mail box each day to see where the next one might come from.   It's not too late if you are still interested, just follow the link above to sign up, you have till Oct 22.  ihanna is in Sweden so this is an international swap. 

Finally started on my 10 postcards,  a little paint, a little collage and finally some doodles.  Just waiting for my list of addresses to send them to.

It's not like I really needed another project but always fun to do something different.  I have 4 scheduled fall/holiday events and another on a wait list.  Plus it's football season and the grandsons are playing.  By the looks of the wins all 3 teams will be going into playoffs. 

The rains have started after a long dry summer, but thankful the smoke is gone and the air is clear.  Feeling sad for all the families that weren't so lucky, those that lost so much this year in all the fires, floods and storms. 

Keep putting one foot in front of the other. 

Have a great day.