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Planning and doodling

The winter doldrums seem to have subsided thanks to my friend Michelle of Buttons & Shanks and her husband Ralf of Display in Style .   They had arranged to display and sell their products in a shop on the Oregon coast and invited me to join them.  This was all I needed to get fired up to move forward.  Not only did I set up with them this last weekend at Rockaway Bearch Oregon's Beach Crafter's Mall on Hwy 101, but I booked four summer shows and got busy working again.    I just needed the right motivation.    Here's a photo of our space in the shop.  I also talked to the shop owner about setting a small table and doodling on site some weekend soon.    You will find my recycled candlestick birdhouses and picture frames.  Also cards, prints and my colorbooks .  We took the things we had on hand, as new things are made we will take them down to the shop.  I even took a couple of small framed original pieces.  Michelle has a separate display of her Czech glass bu