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Feeling Inspired

If you are on Facebook then you have probably seen the post about the wife who doodled on her husbands car .   Well I have been challenged by a friend to do the same.  But before I start I think I need a little more info.  Not sure about the finish.  It rains in the Northwest.  I know I can doodle on anything.  I started with a note pad, which grew to a larger journal, then I tried other objects just to see if I could do it.  I purchased used picture frames and covered with torn paper then finished with a doodle.  Wow, these turned out pretty cool and people bought them.  So lets see what else I can find to recycle.  I progressed to a large wood clock, some old cobbler shoe forms, a serving tray and little boxes.  I've done shirts, and even some small furniture pieces.  I recently finished a large 3 panel canvas combining the mixed media and doodles.  So what's a car, just a little bigger canvas for doodling.   I may need to think about this a few days.  But I don'