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February First

 January went fast.  Since we've had such a mild winter here in SW Washington I've been kind of thinking garden already.  Still have some clean up in the yard but nothing major.   Since the quarantine, eating out has been pretty limited, we do have some outdoor places open again here and getting to like it.  The pandemic is going to change our idea of outdoor eating.  One place where I met my daughters one evening had RR containers divided into two separate  eating areas with a table.  The containers surrounded an area with a big tent cover and picnic tables with table top propane fire pits.  Not a fine dinning place more pub like.  Thinking maybe I need a table top fire pit.  We've been meeting in the garage occasionally since I'm the only one that has room in my garage.  I do actually park my car in the garage.   I do have a few new art pieces, and just complete a commission doodle of a friends dog.    I will be posting these for sale in my Etsy Shop before the day is