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One Day at a time

 This Pandemic has caused so many changes to our lives this year.  Like so many we, Artist, have lost our source of income.  Summer art fairs and festivals were cancelled and the holiday bazaars.  Which means we need to have a better online presents.  Which I have been working on recently.   I have returned to my Etsy Shop  and added new work to my Zazzle Shop .  I've created lots of new products on Zazzle, even put some designs on products related to home office .    These collections, using my original designs each include a mug, mouse pad, and coaster.  A couple of them include a comfy pillow for your desk chair, one has a matching tote bag when you do need to make that trip to the company office.  Currently my Etsy shop is stocked with my new work, mostly from this year.  I'm trying to get all my work completed during the Pandemic posted.  Then hope to get some  holiday gift ideas posted too.   Trying to stay busy,  always yard work, now the raking and cleaning up needs to