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New Ideas

How do you get your ideas?  Sometimes for me it's just sitting down and going thru all the stuff I've collected.  Like these recycled items I have setting around my work space.  I pulled out the old weathered fence slat, then started playing around with the branches I had dried.   I recently picked up at a thrift store a bag of little birdhouses so I added one.  Moved the branches around, then set it aside for a few days, when I came back to it with the birdhouse which I had covered in paper, torn from a used brown paper bag.  I rearranged it a bit and decided it needed something more.  So I cut some leaves from paper scrapes and old book pages.  Slowly I can see it coming together.  Yesterday I thought of adding another birdhouse.  The birdhouse is going to get some doodles yet.  Still not sure if I'm ready to secure it all in place.  It helps to just let it sit a day or so and come back to it.   It's kinda fun working with recycled items,  I do like using bits of