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More Post Cards from ihanna's swap

It's so exciting to watch the mail.  More post cards have arrived one from the UK, one from Sweden and the others from around the USA. We all have been participating in ihanna's annual postcard swap.  This one is from Sandra in the UK ,  a wintry feel to her card.     Four of these cards came in one day.  What an awesome find in my mail box.  The blue and purple card on the top is made by Nancy from the desert area of California.  To the right of Nancy is a little balance and harmony from Rachel in Florida. Below Rachel is a cute little card from Lorie in Phoenix. To the left of Lorie is a stitched card from Yvonne in Sweden.  The last card to the left with the hikers is from Stephanie in Astoria, NY.  Each card is so unique, lots of collage and stitches.  I must try some stitching on mine next time.  If my count is right I should have just 2 more cards coming.    Sorry I couldn't post a link to each sender but most only gave me an email address.  Busy

Postcard Arrivals

I've started receiving postcards from ihanna's swap.  Here's the first 2 that arrived.  The one on top was a real surprise when it arrived, it came from an old friend in St Helens, Oregon, Luanne Ripley .  I hadn't seen her since moving away about 10 years ago.  It was really great to make contact again. The other card with all the bold color and silver wheel came from Jan Hardt in Iowa.  Love them both. I found the stamps that were used to mail these cards very interesting.  Some really pretty stamps.  It made the back of the cards just as interesting as the front.  This is just the beginning, 8 more cards coming.  I'll keep you posted. Thanks for visiting. Cyndee


Here we go again, a day late.  But I had this brainstorm.  We need a different view of our work space.  We always show the desk top and what we are working on but here's another view. The piles of stuff that there just is no place for.  The magazines I can't get rid of  because they have some great ideas I want to try.  The finished work in frames that stand against the wall and all the stuff on the floor around my table that I want close at hand.   It's endless,  never enough space for all the stuff.  But if it were neat and all put away I wouldn't have the inspiration.  It's Thursday and Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday was yesterday, and I figure with as many that join in it takes a few days to check everybody out.  So nobody will realize I late, again.  If you are wondering what I'm talking about and haven't joined in yet, check out Julia page.  We get to peek at workspaces all over the world.  It's fascinating, and we all have so much in comm

iHanna Annual Postcard Swap

I always enjoy iHanna's postcard swaps.  Not only the fun of sending postcards with my designs all over the world but watching the mail box for cards to arrive.   Hanna calls herself the Creative Instigator, an appropriate title.  You can check out her Blog and all the other participants at  My cards are all doodled with a little humor added.  I just dropped them all in the mail so now the waiting begins. Colored cards this year.  All hand doodled by me.  This is what I do in the evening while watching TV.   The doodling obsession is out of hand so I need a swap every now and then to make room for more. I will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of postcards mailed to me.  I'll post them as they arrive.  Keep watching, they are all so very different.  If you have never done one of these swaps you should follow ihanna's blog , she usually does two of these a year.   Thanks for visiting, you can also follow "Her" on Facebook at She

Doodled Hand Bound Journal

A while back I purchased two hand bound journals from Tracey at Our Little Cottage Shop.   She makes beautiful hand bound journals.  I asked her to make me a plain journal that I could doodle.  She sent me two beautifully bound journals.  The tan paper she used for the cover was perfect to doodle, it had a nice smooth finish and bound with black thread.  The inside pages are a nice weight to either write on or draw.  I've been looking at them for several weeks thinking about what I was going to design on them. I was worrying about booboos, but there is no booboos that can't be fixed so I quit worrying and just grabbed my pen and started. I'm using a #8 Micron as usual, here's a pic of the journal and my first stroke of the pen.  I just build on what I start with, no real plan, totally freehand.  It's finished and signed.  I hope Tracey likes what I did to her journal.   Now to start the second one. Here's a look at the final design. I've signed the