iHanna Annual Postcard Swap

I always enjoy iHanna's postcard swaps.  Not only the fun of sending postcards with my designs all over the world but watching the mail box for cards to arrive.   Hanna calls herself the Creative Instigator, an appropriate title.  You can check out her Blog and all the other participants at http://www.ihanna.nu/. 

My cards are all doodled with a little humor added.  I just dropped them all in the mail so now the waiting begins.

Colored cards this year.  All hand doodled by me.  This is what I do in the evening while watching TV.   The doodling obsession is out of hand so I need a swap every now and then to make room for more.

I will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of postcards mailed to me.  I'll post them as they arrive.  Keep watching, they are all so very different. 

If you have never done one of these swaps you should follow ihanna's blog, she usually does two of these a year.  

Thanks for visiting, you can also follow "Her" on Facebook at She Who Doodles.



  1. Lovely postcards Cyndee! I doodle in front of the TV too, sometimes. :-)

  2. Your postcards are beautiful, again! I was lucky enough to get two of them in previous swaps!

  3. Your cards are fab! I hope I'm on your list of names...if not, perhaps you would consider a private postcard exchange. Sandra

  4. Love "doodles", love humor, love your cards! I just visited and "liked" your FB page, too... Beautiful stuff - really!

  5. Yay! I am the recipient of one of your wonderful doodled cards. I LOVE IT; it will now become a bookmark. I too doodle and draw at night while the TV is on, but I do it in a sketch book. Now I am going to start doodling on cards!

  6. Happy Belated WOYWW. Your postcards are amazing. I have done a few postcard swaps, but not for ages. Ali x #73

  7. Love the doodles, it's amazing, what starts out as a scribble turns into something fab...Have a great week.... De De #37

  8. Fabulous doodling, I love it!

    Cazzy x #87

  9. Cyndee -- I received one of your cards and I love it! Thank you!

  10. Hi from Iowa! I received one of your cards the other day!!! THANK YOU! It's beautiful!!!


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