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Recent Commission work

A slow time of year, and a lack of motivation gives me some time to update my blog.   I thought I'd start with some of my recent commissioned pieces.   A little of everything.  Family pets, favorite hiking location, new home, personal photos and some inspiration.   And some new work, this time of year is good for stocking up while I have time.  Doing the things that take more time, like the recycled candlestick birdhouses, and the collage frames.  Also trying a new way to present my work, and always a new freehand drawn doodle.  The last few weeks have brought freezing temperatures, snow, lots of rain and some flooding in the area.  I'm done with winter now, ready for those spring blooms.  I need out.  If you are interested in my newest work I always post on She Who Doodles on  Facebook .  I'll be updating my event page shortly.  Check back often, this time of year I'm just lining up my event dates, still more to come. Time for Fritz and I to have a walk