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Coasters in the works

Not finished yet but the doodle part is done.  Just need to put several coats of Mod Podge on them and cork on the back.  Each coaster has an original hand drawn doodle.  No two the same.  They are a fun little project and if I boo boo  I can wipe it off and start again before I put the clear coat on.  I will be posting these to Etsy as soon as they are finished, at least a couple of them.  I think I will sell them individually rather then as a set.  Well off to the grandsons last football game.  They are playing under the lights for their final game.  The sun is shinning but it is chilly out.  I think I will bundle up. See ya soon, thanks for visiting. Hugs Cyndee

Black & White Show at Gallery 360

Only one week left to see the Black and White group show at Gallery 360 in downtown Vancouver.  My piece "No Boundaries" was chosen for the show.  It's one of my larger framed doodles.  I have signed prints available at my Etsy Shop , also titled She Who Doodles . The Gallery also has prints available.  Come check it out and see all the other great black and white entries.  Thanks for visiting. Hugs Cyndee

Etsy Shop

My Etsy Shop is up and running finally.  I'm slowly adding items, so far 4 different Christmas Card designs in 6 packs each.  I will be adding other items shortly as I have them photographed and ready to post. It really takes a bit of time to get all the details,  all the photos, cropped/edited, shipping cost, and then deciding what to say about the item.  I didn't have much luck in the past with my other shop but hopefully I will  be more focused with "Her" since she is one art form instead of many. I'm working on some shirts, pillows and coasters.  As I finish them I will be posting to my Shop.  Please check back often, and like or share.  I'm trying to build a whole line of She Who Doodles products and hopefully find some shops to carry my stuff.  Then maybe I can retire with some side income. Thanks for visiting. Hugs, Cyndee

Doodle Shirts

I did a little experimenting this weekend with fabric paint pens on t-shirts.  I've been trying to do some designs for shirts on paper but just wasn't getting them big enough so I thought I'd just do it on the shirt.  It was actually kinda fun.  So I went back and bought some more shirts today. Here's the two I did this weekend. She Who Doodles (c) I'm still working on getting my new Etsy Shop up and running.  My first items for sale will be Christmas Cards.   I'll post the link as soon as they are posted. Thanks for visiting. Cyndee