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My Etsy Shop is up and running finally.  I'm slowly adding items, so far 4 different Christmas Card designs in 6 packs each.  I will be adding other items shortly as I have them photographed and ready to post.

It really takes a bit of time to get all the details,  all the photos, cropped/edited, shipping cost, and then deciding what to say about the item.  I didn't have much luck in the past with my other shop but hopefully I will  be more focused with "Her" since she is one art form instead of many.

I'm working on some shirts, pillows and coasters.  As I finish them I will be posting to my Shop.  Please check back often, and like or share.  I'm trying to build a whole line of She Who Doodles products and hopefully find some shops to carry my stuff.  Then maybe I can retire with some side income.

Thanks for visiting.




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