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New Year, New Outlook

 I'm cautiously optimistic, but headed forward.  I decide to keep blogging instead of a website.  I have some of the same capabilities at less cost.  At least till I see how well my sales are online.   I've been rebuilding my Etsy Shop  . So far I have 97 items posted, prints, notecards and started addling some of my 6 inch tiles.  Hope to get some of my collage framed prints and maybe some of my recycled candlestick birdhouses.  Shipping is my hold back.  The next items to post are more fragile and require additional packing.   I started out last year with lots of new work and product but one by one all the scheduled events cancelled.  But now with my Etsy Shop better stocked I've been making a few sales.  Just have to work on the marketing part of online selling.  Since I now have the time there is no excuse.   I've also been doing some designing on Zazzle to my shop.  It's fun to see your designs on product but without the upfront cost.  I do get a small percen