Commissioned Work

Something totally different from She Who Doodles.  My design on ceramic tiles using a sublimation printer and heat press.  Took a lot of trial and error but the customer is happy so that's what counts.  

I started the new year with a commissioned piece that made me look differently at vegetables.   A previous customer called about a photo she took a couple years ago and was wondering if it was a photo I could doodle.  After receiving it there was no way I wasn't going to doodle it.  Love the colors, and ruffle detail.  Cabbage. 


A couple of beloved pets that were lost during the year.   These two were a Christmas gift commissioned by a caring family member.  2021

My most recent commission work was an Ikea coffee table for a friend.  I had been experimenting with this design on TV trays.  So this was a much bigger job and a learning process.  Solid wood is easier to work with.  

Old family occasional table brought back to life for a friend.  Fresh paint and mandala stencils on the top. 

Doodled closet door, this was my demo project during the 2019 Washougal Studio Artist Tour this year.  It ended up being a  4 day project.  I painted the background on Friday so it would be dry for the Sat/Sun Mother's Day tour.  Then during the open studios I spent the days doodling, freehand drawn flowers and added the dragonfly at Shirley's request.  It held special meaning to her of her late brother.   Monday morning I came in and finished up a few details and added a couple more smaller dragonflies.

Newly finished occasional table belonging to a friend.  Painted and doodled using colors to coordinate with an existing light fixture.

Custom doodled Pet photos for Christmas gifts 2017

Customers vacation photos of Oregon Coast lighthouses doodled and framed.

Here's a few of the custom doodled houses I've completed for some of my customers.

I just finished creating a tattoo design for a friend that wanted to honor her deceased loved ones.  The birds represent her dad and grandpa.  Kelly plans to put this on her shoulder.  Thanks Kelly for the opportunity to design this special tat for you.

Doodled wood bangle bracelet with customer logo, The Gryphon.  For Debbie Lennstrom of Designs by Debbie.


 Doodled Toms.


Custom ordered recycled picture frames 
for wedding reception table.

Freehand doodled guitar design.

Hand doodled Converse Hi-Tops

Don't see what you want in my Etsy shop then just contact me direct with any special request. 


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