Here we go again, a day late.  But I had this brainstorm.  We need a different view of our work space.  We always show the desk top and what we are working on but here's another view.
The piles of stuff that there just is no place for.  The magazines I can't get rid of  because they have some great ideas I want to try.  The finished work in frames that stand against the wall and all the stuff on the floor around my table that I want close at hand.   It's endless,  never enough space for all the stuff.  But if it were neat and all put away I wouldn't have the inspiration. 

It's Thursday and Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday was yesterday, and I figure with as many that join in it takes a few days to check everybody out.  So nobody will realize I late, again. 

If you are wondering what I'm talking about and haven't joined in yet, check out Julia page.  We get to peek at workspaces all over the world.  It's fascinating, and we all have so much in common. 

Just a little fun today, thanks for visiting.



  1. Just like my space!! Stuff all over the floor as well as the desk. So encouraging to see someone else's room in the same state!!! You are right in saying it takes a long while to get around - as is evidenced by the fact that it is now Saturday evening - and I'm still leaving comments!
    Margaret #42

  2. Cyndee, I have the same pile of magazines and many more piles! So glad you're enjoying the postcard swap - looks like a lot of fun!


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