Doodled Converse

My second pair of Converse high tops.  These were a lot smaller then the first pair and because they were for my daughter I could use a little glitter.  Every girl needs a little glitter.

  A fun project.  Now on to the next thing to doodle.
I'm working on a couple of picture frames I picked up at the thrift store, a little collage then some doodling. 


I'm almost done with my day job, and I can't believe the ideas that are popping up since I don't have the work and commute stress.  I've got three projects in the works and others in the planning.  It is so great knowing I don't have to do it all today I have tomorrow and the next day.  I still have to pinch myself.  This is going to take some adjustment.

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  1. congrats on the jump to doing art full time. I think that you will do well as you seem disciplined and open minded! The shoes look great too!

  2. Hi Cyndee, thanks for stopping by my blog and Congrats on your new adventure into full time art! How exciting! Love you doodled shoes. Look forward to seeing more. Suzy #139 WOYWW


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