Wow, summer is filling up fast.  Just added 2 more shows to my summer schedule and now looking into fall events.

I just finished my first show with Made In Vancouver USA group I joined.  The first for our new group and a great learning experience.  I can't complain were not great, I learned what I need to make more of.  I sold doodle rocks.  They were just an experiment but a perfect low price item.  The first one went to a child.  I can see I need to make more of these.  Also sold a couple of pendants and some tattoos.  My newest items.  
This was my first sale using my new accent color, lime green, I got several compliments and it really made the table pop.  It's amazing though, you think you made so much stuff till you actually lay it out on your table and realize you don't have enough.  So it's back to the studio this weekend.  Good thing I have a couple weeks to catch up before my next sale.

Oh and guess what?  I finally gave my notice at work.  I am officially retiring the end of August.  I should be able to cut back a day or two as soon as we hire someone to train.  It's just beginning to sink in as to what I did and the excitement is beginning to build.  There will be so much to catch up on and so much more time to devote to my art. 

A whole new stage of my life to look forward too.

One last thing before I close for today,  thought you'd like to see my view while sitting at my computer.  With the mix of warm weather and rain we've had lately everything is growing fast.

Have a great day.

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