A Little Doodling Fun

My first pair of TOMS.  Stuffed with plastic bags and ready for the pen. 
Progress.  I chose these because of the light color, I don't like white, and I liked the little extra detail of the stitching across the toes. 
Finished.  Fun project, I've been wanting to try for sometime after seeing David  Cohen over at Equation Arts doodle a pair of Vans.  

I realize that a pair of TOMS was a bit expensive to experiment on but you are buying so much more then just a pair of shoes for yourself when you buy TOMS.   Check out their website. 
I can't decide whether to sell these or keep them.  My original plan was to doodle me a pair to wear at my sales this summer.   I'm on track to be a walking doodle.  Someone said I will be a walking advertisement when I walk away from my booth. 

Hope this will spark a little flame to try a pair yourself. 

Thanks for visiting.



PS  would love comments,  not sure if anybody is reading my newest blog. 


  1. when you said toms, did you hear me gasp, but you did a great job on them, and they are styling sister, keep them....

  2. I LOVE these! I think you should for sure wear them as a walking advertisement and offer to Doodle anyone who brings you a pair.


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