ihanna's postcard swap

I've joined ihanna's Autumn postcard swap and mine are ready for the mail.  I did one of these last year that Hanna hosted and really enjoyed making and receiving the postcards from around the world. 

Since I doodle on postcard size cards it was an easy project,  I just needed to figure out how to incorporate the theme.  Since my designs are all about freedom, no boundaries, spontaneity they were perfect for this swaps theme.

Here's my five, to contribute to the Empowerment themed swap.  Although they are a little late getting in the mail box, they will be on their way to Canada, the UK, Virgin Island and right here in the US of A. 

So along with Christmas cards in the mail box I will be anxiously awaiting 5 postcards to arrive from around the world.  It's awesome to see how the theme is interpreted on each card.

Check ihanna's webpage to see what others are sending.

Thanks for visiting.  Have a great day.




  1. I long to be so proficient at the Zentangle...but I still love to doodle! Your black and white doodles are fun and inspired!

  2. Oh those are some lucky peeps on your list! your designs are so wonderful!

  3. They are beautiful... Canada hey? Maybe I'm on your list! :-)

  4. Cyndee - I was so lucky to receive one of your postcards in the iHanna swap. It is very fluid and the eye follows it in an endless loop - hypnotic and amazing.

  5. Such beautifully doodled cards...love them!!

  6. Thank you from the Virgin islands for the beautiful card Cyndee! I love your doodling, I also love doodling.

  7. I hoped to be on your list, and I was! :-) I love it even more now that I can see it "live"!


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