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I am so behind, just added another summer sale to the schedule.  Debating about another and still waiting for answers to 2 others.  This is going to be the make it or break summer.

A little excitement in yesterdays email,  I got notice that I am to be featured in the September/October issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.   Now to remember which doodles I submitted, as they are requesting I send the finished pieces to them.   ???????

I'm thinking seriously now about taking the plunge into retirement so I can actually work at promoting my art.   It is so hard to keep up when working full time.  Although that is why I doodle instead of doing mixed media collage.  Maybe I might have time to combine the two art forms. 

What scares me the most is losing myself to Alzheimers before I get to enjoy retirement.  If I don't retire soon it may be to late for me.   I haven't been diagnosed,  just the fear of it striking me as it has my sister,  my brother and mother.  But most of all I worry for my daughters, I don't want them to have to suffer with this mind sucking disease.  This is why with every sale I make a portion goes to Alzheimers research.   

With every doodle you buy,  shirt, pendants or card you will be helping fund Alzheimers Research.   

And finally on a brighter note,  I received the last postcard from ihanna's annual postcard swap. 

This came to me from Janetta Rodriquez in Texas.  Thank you Janetta.

That finishes this years swap, sadly.  I do enjoy the mail.  It was fun, thank you Hanna for hosting this swap again this year. 

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  1. congratualtions I will keep my eye for your art in the magazine, i do buy that one. I retired and have never regretted it, but you have more reason, time to enjoy your life and your art,


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