Postcards post #2

It's so exciting, postcards are arriving everyday.  All from ihanna's annual swap.

This card came from Gwen in Seattle.  Her card didn't have to travel far. 

Regula's card came all the way from Switzerland.  Her's is about Chocolate.  


        Emma's Special Delivery came from Rapid City, Iowa.

Sandra's card from the UK came
 with some stash,  a girl can always
 use more stash.

Tiffani's card is sunwashed all the way from Indiana.  

Some arrive in envelopes which are handmade and embellished others make it through the mail solely on their own.  It amazes me how well they travel.  Each so very unique.

Three more to go.  I will be watching my mail box closely now.  Although it's fun waiting for each to arrive, it is a bit disappointing when the last one arrives.

If you've never done a postcard swap, be sure and check out ihanna's, she does 2 a year now, although this is the one that gets the most participants.  It's such fun.

Check back soon, I'll have a few more yet to post as soon as they arrive.

Thanks for visiting.




  1. i added this site to my blog list, it seems like you post more here

  2. Hi! i got one of your postcards in the swap! I've posted about it on my blog at

    Thanks for the lovely art!

  3. This has to be so exciting! Love all of your postcards!


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