Still Waiting

I was waiting for one last postcard to come in the mail but apparently it got lost somewhere.

Wanted to show you the last two cards I received. 
This one really came as a surprise, it's from a blogging friend, Lee in Edmonton Alberta.  Check out her art and all her postcards here:

 And the last card is a bit of beach fun from Martha Cook in Connecticut.
This was such fun, I will definitely do it again and again.  Thank you Hanna for hosting this swap each year. 

My summer schedule is taking shape,  several confirmations for outdoor fairs and a couple still waiting for answers.  It's shaping up to be a busy summer.  I decided to jump in with a full schedule.  Now just need to get busy and doodle.

Thanks for visiting.




  1. i am glad you like your postcard, I had fun making them as well, and look forward to the next one, good luck on your some tour....


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