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Just a little excitement today I discovered I am the Featured Artist on Dharma Trading Company website.

I had purchased some fabric pens from their website to paint my Toms shoes.  I noticed back in July they were looking for artist submission.  So I sent in a response along with photos then proceeded to forget about it.  You just can't sit and wait for a response every time you submit something.

These are the products I bought and tried them all. 
Dharma Products Used
I was just so excited I needed to share this with my followers.  Exposure is always a good thing.  Also, this tells me to keep submitting my work.  I get discouraged at times,  I know my work doesn't appeal to everyone, which is fine I understand that,  I do what I like for me.  But it just means I need to reach further then just my community to sell my art.   

Down to one last Holiday Sale then I'm done for the season.  Sales haven't been very good, but from what I've been reading it hasn't even been good sales for some of the better shows.  I do realize I need to pick and choose better then I did this year.  No more sales with the word "bizaar" in the title.  I do much better at juried shows and art only. 

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