Finally Finished

It took me a couple weeks but finally finished the little wood jewel box.   I even had a few polymer clay tiles left over.  I think I will try another, but smaller box with legs.    
I decided I would sell the box so have posted to my Etsy shop     

Time to take the Christmas tree down and put all the decorations away for another year.   Time to think about the direction I want to go with my art in 2014.   Winter sales were not good, not sure which shows I want to try next.  I do know, no more bazaars, or neighborhood street fairs.   

I think I tried too hard to come up with product to sell and got to many different things.  I need to narrow it down to maybe 3 or 4 items plus my originals and prints.  

Time to regroup.  Onward to a new year.  

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