New year new directions

A fresh new year ahead with lots of new potential. 

I'm off to a good start, although I've been dragging a bit till now.  Yesterday I sat down in front of my Happy Light with a wood box in front of me and started layering paper.  The first I have really done a collage/mixed media project for quite a while.  I really enjoyed the project.  I think I needed a little cut and paste therapy. 

Its all very earthy looking,  handmade paper, wood veneer, burlap and a leaf from my hydrangea plant.   I didn't prime the box so everything is on the wood which shows thru in some spots. 

It really got me going,  today I put the finishing touches on a couple of cards.  I actually put a couple layers of handmade papers on the cards then did a freehand doodle.  It was a little tricky with the layers of textured paper but I was satisfied with the results.

I've been wanting to work at combining my craft,  instead of collage or doodles.  I really like the looks when they come together in one piece.  I think I'm just beginning to find my direction.

The cards can both be found in my Etsy Shop, She Who Doodles.

I'm feeling positive about this year, I learned a lot from the sales I did last year.  I'm going to not continue to make some things and try to focus on more original art. 

By combining my art forms it will make it easier, I think, to get into some of the juried shows.  Instead of having to qualify in two categories now I only will have to be concerned with one, Mixed Media.  Each year there's a little tweak in the process.  I'll get it right one of these years.

Hope your year has started on a positive note.  Don't stop creating.

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  1. Cyndee, I love these combinations!

  2. I need to get into my craft room but I still seems to be cleaning from the holidays. Love your cards and mix medium piece is wonderful. Looks like you are off to a great start, Laura

  3. Your designs are just gorgeous, Cyndee! I love the direction you are going. Really exciting for the New Year! I hope 2014 brings you everything you are looking for.

    Thanks for your nice comment - yes, I really feel I am taking ownership of my new space now, and starting to be creative in there. There's still a lot of organising and sorting to be done, and I need to order some more storage boxes, but at least I can work in there now, even if it does take me twice as long to do everything because I still can't find anything!!


  4. Your work is really the twist you make in your doodles, and the assorted surfaces that you add them to!


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