Have you ever had a project on your work desk that you just can't get finished?  We'll this chair has been here since before Christmas, I haven't been happy with it and keep making changes.  

My plan is to use it in my booth come summer sales as a display piece.  I was so excited when I bought it because the cane was intact that I failed to notice the broken leg.  So displaying art pieces and pillows is what I will use it for. 


I'm joining in over at Julia's Stamping Ground today to see what everyone else is working on.  

Hopefully before next Wednesday this will be off my desk.  What's on your Workdesk today?

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  1. How cute and cheery is that. Too bad about the leg. Peg R #91

  2. Wow such a fab chair, hope the broken leg can be mended. Take care Zo xx 59

  3. The chair looks great! It will make a fabulous display background!


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