Mini Shoji Screen

I've been wanting to doodle a shoji screen but thought maybe I better start with a smaller one first.  So I bought three 8 x 24 inch wrapped canvas and connected them with fabric so they would bend.
My next step was to cover the canvas in layers of torn paper.  I chose light, natural colors because my plan is to doodle on top of the paper.  I added a few pieces do corrugated card board, tulle, fabric strips and some cool handmade papers with lots of fiber mixed in.
Next step, the doodle.  This is as far as I got today.  I think the size is a little intimidating, so don't want to rush it.
A friend gave me some 6 inch square tiles to experiment with.  Here's the first on, again I started with a couple pieces of handmade paper then doodled.  Since the tiles were all pre drilled to add a hanger I will either use ribbon or maybe some copper wire.  I'll post a finished picture when it's finished.
Another project in the works is the small tea tray. It was another one of my finds at the thrift store. 
Notice a color theme here?  I seem to be using a lot of the same paper lately.  But can't use anything to dark or the doodle gets lost in the paper.  Not finished yet. I'm using an outdoor grade Mod Podge on this tray so water won't hurt the design and paper.  It should be safe to wipe clean but not immerse in water.

It's fun to work on an a real art project for a change.  Been too busy the last couple of months working on product to sale at the coming outdoor markets.  To much of the same things, it was time for a, for me project.  

Hope to catch up with my blogging friends I miss seeing what everyone is up to.  

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  1. Hello, I have your name in the post card swap but I do not have your zip code. Could I get that from you?


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