Project Update

I've been busy building up stock for summer festivals.  Thought I'd share a few photos of my latest projects.


The large collaged, recycled picture frame with matted doodle is going to Galley 360 this week for an open Mixing It Up Show for May.  

I've been buying frames at the Thrift Stores to recycle with doodles, collage and lots of vintage buttons.  The bird houses are also recycled thrifty store items.  

Now that I'm retired and have the time I've been experimenting with combining my mixed media with my doodles.  I'm really enjoying the combinations of handmade papers with doodles. 

And there's my faithful companion that never leaves my side.  I love my Fritzy.

Happy Easter to everyone, hope you are spending some time with family and friends. 

Thanks for visiting.




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