Just a few little tweeks here and there.  Change is always good.  New year new ideas, not that there is ever a shortage of ideas.  Usually too many to keep up with.

I signed up for a recycled arts show for this summer,  so thought I better get busy with some new pieces.  Here's a couple I just finished.  It's really fun working with scrapes of stuff from the Reclaim It store in Portland. 

This one is made with rusty chicken wire, and digital clock parts.  Mounted on a cedar board.

This one actually has a title, "no day is complete without music".  Around the edges is pieces of our roof shingles that blew off during a recent storm and of course a piano key.  

It's been a slow start to the new year but things seem to be picking up a bit.  I have my first show of the season this weekend at the Confluence Vineyards & Winery.  It's wine and chocolate affair.  It will be outdoors in a big heated tent, although with the way the weather has been we may not need the heaters.

We've had such a mild winter here in the Northwest,  tulips and crocus are already coming up and i notice today buds on the Rose bush.  I have blossoms opening on my Daphne even.  Hope we don't get any late season freeze now.

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