It's a beautiful Spring day here in the Northwest.  But it is only February.  The neighborhood flowering plum trees are blooming, I saw a Rhododendron in full bloom, even some Daffodils.  My Daphne is blooming and wafting all over the yard and into the house.

It is so nice to open the house and let that fresh air in.  Fritz is loving the door open so he can run in and out as he pleases.  He's been sitting just out the door in the sun on the door step.    

I just finished framing a print of one of my newer pieces.  I saw the frame on sale at Craft Warehouse and thought surely I have something that will fit.   Lots of glare on the glass, I didn't have another place to hang it for the photo, and hit had to be hung. 

I've kind of been all over the board with my work lately.  I've been doing a lot of these doodles over a photo.  Mostly flowers but tried doing a house, then a pic taken in San Francisco.  That wasn't so bad, so I dug thru some old travel photos for structures and found a couple more to try. I'm thinking I will offer custom house doodles on Etsy.  Have your house photo doodled. 

Then there is the recycled pieces I've been playing with. This one is still in the works.  It's fun seeing what you can do with recycled materials.   Most of the materials came from ReClaim It in Portland.   It's a fascinating place to go if you are doing recycled art.  It's run buy volunteers who salvage materials from the local recycling, clean it up and put it in the shop for artisans like me to find.  I found some really cool stuff on my last visit.  Old piano keys, a digital clock that I took apart.   It's like taking lemons and making lemonade.  
I'm a little warn out trying to keep up with all the social media sites. It just makes more sense to post it on my blog and share then keep trying to post on all the other sites.   I need a little refresher course in blogging I see so many new features since I started.   

Keep watching for new work and new features to this site.

Thanks for visiting.




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