Here and There, This and That

Since I haven't been in the need of creating product for sales or art fairs I've been playing around with other forms of art.  There's always new doodles,  but a little mixed media has been fun for a change. 

I always enjoy working with Asian themed pieces.   Some coins and chopsticks.   Layers of paper from a book I picked up at the thrift stores free bin.  Then finished with the Chinese character for Happiness. 

Yesterday was so nice I sat outside and finished my doodle in green pen. 

I'm always looking for something different to doodle on.  This time it's a bangle bracelet. 

And Sunday,  what a beautiful day for a drive in the country.  We headed south east of Portland out near Estacada.  What a view,  Mount Hood is always picturesque but Sunday it was in it's prime.

Friday evening was First Friday Art Walk and another beautiful day to be out.  The show at Gallery 360 here in Vancouver was an open show titled "Art of the Camera".    My first showing of the year, with 3 of my doodled photos.   It's always exciting to see your own work hanging on a gallery wall.  Check it out if you are in the area, the show is up thru March.                       
All the time I've been blogging I have never figured out an easy way to arrange photos on this page.  It always frustrated me.  They don't seem to go where I want them so I end up leaving them arranged where they land.    Oh well.  

Spring is in the air here already.  I hope the weather is improving where ever you are.   Thanks for visiting.  





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