New year new adventures

Haven't done much with my doodling recently.  I think it's time to start some new directions, new products, different ideas. 

First off the firing line is a new T Shirt design,  you can see the first one here:

I will be adding 2 more designs in the next couple of days.   It takes 3 designs to have a storefront.     They will all be free spirited, wild child designs, with strong independent women in mind.   I have some Coco Chanel, Anais Nin and Erma Bombeck quotes to add to my doodle designs. 

Hopefully you will find one that empowers you, and makes you feel strong to wear the shirt.   Stand tall and show the world you know who you are and what you want.  Go girl!!

I chose the yellow to set off the design but you can choose other colors and other shirt styles. 

It's called Teespring,  I design the shirt, they print and mail.  I get a small percentage.  But this way I don't pay for the shirts or the printing or try to figure out what to do with the unsold shirts.  This is an effort to control my up front cost.  Which is something I haven't been good about.  If I ever hope to show a profit I need to be smarter.   I guess there is still hope for me. 

Thanks for sticking around the last few years while I find my niche. 

Happy New Year




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