Living in the Northwest

Usually Spring is light showers, warming weather with glimpses of Summer.  Everything is green and blossoming.  But this year, everything is green and blossoming but from day to day we don't know if it's spring or still winter.  The rains have been downpours one day little breaks here and there but for the most part down right yucky.

Enough already.  Today we have sun, by Saturday it's suppose to be in the 80's by Monday rain again.  They even got substantial snow in the mountains this week.

But it does give me lots of time, did I say lots of time?  To play around with my art.  My first canvas collage with doodles came out of this winters weather and yesterday I was playing around with the idea for a poster.

I know, I suppose in another month or two we'll be complaining about the heat.  That's the way it goes out west.   

It is beautiful here, everything is lush and green.  This will give us a good head start on watering this summer.  

Time to take Fritz for a walk while the sun shines.

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