ihanna postcard swap

I haven'd done a post card swap for several years.  ihanna offers a swap twice a year now and they are always fun.  Not only to create the postcards but mostly receiving them.  Watching the mail box each day to see where the next one might come from.   It's not too late if you are still interested, just follow the link above to sign up, you have till Oct 22.  ihanna is in Sweden so this is an international swap. 

Finally started on my 10 postcards,  a little paint, a little collage and finally some doodles.  Just waiting for my list of addresses to send them to.

It's not like I really needed another project but always fun to do something different.  I have 4 scheduled fall/holiday events and another on a wait list.  Plus it's football season and the grandsons are playing.  By the looks of the wins all 3 teams will be going into playoffs. 

The rains have started after a long dry summer, but thankful the smoke is gone and the air is clear.  Feeling sad for all the families that weren't so lucky, those that lost so much this year in all the fires, floods and storms. 

Keep putting one foot in front of the other. 

Have a great day.




  1. Thanks Cyndee for joining the swap again and sharing your yummy postcard piles. I can't wait to send mine either, exciting times.

    Take care and don't forget to rest in between all the happenings. :-)

  2. Hi Cyndee, Thank You! for the oh, so pretty postcard. I really like the combination of textures and the tiny squiggles remind me of leaves falling. Hope you get some nice sunshine in between the rain; I lived in Portland for several years and know it can sometimes feel dreary.
    happy trails,

    1. Glad you liked my postcard. Love these swaps such fun to check the mail box each day. Happy fall, Cyndee

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