The Result of Social Distancing

Some recent work  and one really different piece.  I'm feeling a little like the  kid that was sent to her room for time out and found some old toy to play with she hadn't seen in years.  Well you know all those supplies we artisans accumulate over the years, well I found some and started playing with them.  

I got my grandson to cut the wood pieces, used the scraps for the tree, found a twig from a tree in my yard for the trunk, a doodle for the background and the frame from a friend.  95% recycled.

At first with this "Social Distancing" in effect I figured this will give me time to get stocked up for the summer art fairs and festivals.  But now I'm looking at what if more events are cancelled, maybe I don't need this much.  

I'm loving doing my pen and ink doodles.  I want to try incorporating some written words/verses into the designs.   These are so different then my old style doodles.  But I am continuing doing my doodled photos, they are my staple plus they give me more reason to walk, my neighborhood, parks  trails,and the river front.

Staying home, keeping my distance.  Stay safe.



  1. Beautiful artwork Cyndee. I love that this down time is a push to go outside your normal beautiful doodle lines.

  2. Is the framed ink work with the wooden houses for sale?


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