This Fish Bowl

So I'm an artist, social distancing?  Easy peasy.  Not!   I'm home most of the time working on my art normally, but this is different.

I thought I'd have no problem with the distancing but after 3 weeks I realize I need more social contact then I thought.   But not just the social contact but the outside visual stimulation.  I'm feeling a little like being in a fish bowl.   My house and neighborhood walk are limiting.

It's kinda like my doodling, I was happy for several years with doodling in journals, then bigger journals.   Then I needed to doodle on something else, so searched out items at the thrift store I could refinish and doodle, jewel boxes, occasional tables, picture frames.

But the child in me needed something bigger,  maybe a wall.  So my house, I can do what I want to it.  No limits.   My mothers voice is no longer in my head. I can draw on a wall,  a closet door, even the patio, there's no stopping me now. 

So now we have at least another month of this isolation.  Wonder what gem I'll find next in my stash.

I'll keep you posted.



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