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Well spring is showing her face already here in SW Washington.   Starting to get some snaps of early blooms.  Daffodil, crocus,  even an early Rhododendron.   But it' also my time to experiment with new art. 

Since January started with classes for kids I started playing with some new doodle designs that I thought they would have fun with.  Doodle dangles got their interest and mine.  We had fun with squiggles and stars and what ever we felt like adding. 

I continued doodling, but added other embellishments and now I can't stop.

I haven't stopped doing my doodled photos but this time of year between the rain and lack of blooming flowers I'm not out taking many photos.   I tend to rely on friends for photos during the winter months, but not as motivated. The motivation comes with experimenting.  Last winter I was doodling flowers over a painted canvas.

I glad to see the sunny days,  I've been inside to much, I need that daily walk and so does my faithful companion Fritz.   He gets excited just when I put shoes on, of course he thinks that means a walk.  So it's sunny today so we better get out.

Be sure to check my event page so you'll know where to see me this year.  New events still being added. 

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