And on a personal note.

It's football season again and the three grandsons are all playing.  Two in high school and the third in a local lead, he is in middle school this year. 

This last game on Friday was especially exciting, not only did their team win but both boys were on the field at the same time.  One on the line the other receiving.  A first for this proud family. 

My grandsons with their mom, my daughter.  Mom and dad were really excited to see them both on the field, and both made plays that got them recognized.   Dad is a defensive coach and the younger grandson is usually on the sidelines as ball boy.   The rest of us are in the bleachers cheering them on.       
Me, I'm still doodling.  Only one show left this year, you can see the info on my Events Page.   I've been a little discouraged, sales have not been good this year and I can't decide which way to go next.  Hauling all my art around to fairs and festivals is damaging to much of my stuff and this summer the heat here in the NW was hotter then usual.  Crowds were light, early and not buying.  

For the time being I've stopped shopping thrift stores,  until I figure out where my market is.  I am planning to set up a page of recycled items on Upcycle Post website.  It's a new selling site for all things recycled/upcycled.    I really enjoy the added activity of shopping thrift stores and flea markets for items to re-purpose so I'm hoping this takes off.    All my picture frames, candlestick birdhouses, jewel boxes and other items I find to paint, collage and doodle will be posted.  

Football keeps us busy now thru Thanksgiving and beyond if the Varsity team makes it to finals again this year.   With 3 games a week it fills the schedule fast.   But always time to doodle.  

Thanks for visiting and listening to my story.  





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